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This site is pretty new (actually, it’s a revamp of an earlier version).  We have in our possession a boatload of piano and music lesson videos created by Kent.  This site is in blog format, so we post Kent’s lessons one at a time, over time.

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Some of the lessons here are from older archives, and some are brand new (Kent keeps churning them out).  The newer lessons have a two-keyboard view: one is a graphic view of the notes being played, and the other view clearly shows Kent’s hands playing those notes. Older or newer, they are all informative!


About Kent

Kent Smith, Piano Instructor and Performer
Kent Smith, Piano and Drum Teacher

Kent Smith is a professional piano and drum instructor, and a professional pianist/keyboardist, based in Orange County, California. He holds a degree in music and piano performance from Fullerton College, California.

At age seven, Kent began formal lessons in drums. By age fourteen he was a part-time professional drummer in a popular R&B band, playing gigs in and around the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  At that same age, he discovered piano and was hooked.

Having started classical piano lessons at age fifteen, Kent went on to graduate with honors from Fullerton College, with a degree in piano performance and general music, including jazz studies.  After college, Kent made a living for several years as a keyboardist and sometime drummer in various bands.

Later in his twenties, eager to settle down with a more predictable income, Kent began a parallel career in software development.  Now, recently retired from AT&T, he has returned to music full-time. Over the years, Kent has gained a wealth of experience in teaching, performing, composing, and studio work.

A Message from Kent

Hello from Kent! This is essentially a video (and sometimes text) blog of stand-alone piano/keyboard lessons, for anyone who wants to enhance their playing of songs, enhance their improv skills, and increase their general understanding of music.  Among other things, you can learn how to make your playing of songs sound much better! A major focus is on fills, runs, licks, scales and chords — and more important — the acquisition of generalized improvisation, theory, and compositional skills.

Audience: The lessons on this site are mostly for people who play pop/jazz/ blues/ rock, etc. There is NO need to read music. I do, however, teach you how to work from chords and chord charts.