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Private Lessons in Orange County, California

Openings Now for 5 or 6 Piano Students (Private Lessons)

Sheet Music and Related Reference Videos

The notes to “Für Elise” on piano (by Beethoven, officially titled “Bagatelle in A minor”)


“A Study in Blues Piano” Course Coupon (starts now, offer expires 3/31/2018)

A Study in Blues Piano (First 5 Licks)

The Blues Piano Crash Course (First 5 Lessons)

Runs, Licks, and Fills

How to Play “Piggyback” Arpeggios

Getting All Lydian on the IV Chord

Blues Lick #5

Keyboard Technique

A Nice Technique for Smoother Scales

Music and Keyboard Theory

Half-steps and Whole-steps on Your Keyboard

The Amazing Tetrachord: How to Instantly Visualize any Major Scale

Understanding “Thirds” – how standard chords are built!

Essential Theory: Fourths and Fifths

The Major pentatonic scale, and its cousin, the “Relative Minor” pentatonic scale

Chords and Chord Voicings

“Fourth Chords” — Very Useful (Part One)

More on “Fourth Chords”

A Good Way to Learn All Your “Thirteenth” Chords (by Pattern, NOT by Rote)

Chord Symbols: add2 or add9? (includes my video on using added ninth to chords)

Recommended Study

Book Review: Jazz Piano Series by John Mehegan